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To call abroad from the Netherlands, dial 00 followed by the international country code. Public phone boxes require telephone cards of 10, 25 or 50 guilders. These are available at train stations, postoffices, newsagents and bookshops. A small number of public phones is still coin-operated, while several accept credit cards. Special telephone cards are available at 25 or 50 guilders for a number of countries, allowing cheaper calls to that country only. The user dials the unique code printed on the card before dialing the telephone number. These cards are available for Surinam, South Africa, the USA and Canada, New Zealand and Australia, Turkey, Morocco and the Dutch Antilles and Aruba.

Useful numbers
Useful telephone numbers in the Netherlands:

General emergency number for alerting police, fire brigade and ambulance.

0900 9292
Information on public transport in the Netherlands, including door-to-door itineraries and travel times.

0900 9296
Information on international train travel.

0900 8008
Directory enquiries. Useful for local tourist offices, police stations, etc.

0900 8418
International directory enquiries.

0800 0156
Information about and reservation of conference calls,including international conference calls.

0800 0101
Request collect call from the Netherlands to telephone number abroad.

0900 0141
Schiphol airport information service, also in English. Information about delays, arrivals, departures and various hotels.

0900 300 2150
Ticket service. Reservations for major events, such as pop concerts, sporting tournaments, but also for a number of themeparks.

0800 0888
Royal Dutch Touring Club (ANWB). Comes to assist when your car breaks down. Can be reached via this number or by pressing the button on the emergency telephones by the roadside. The emergency centre is open 24 hours a day. Foreigners who are members of an ANWB-affiliated organisation (part of the Alliance International du Tourisme, AIT) are helped without charge.

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